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I opened up Timbaland’s autobiography, , thinking of rational ways to explain these gifts: a background in classical music or church gospel, or some sort of savant-ism whose obsessive tendencies center around audio frequencies.

To my surprise, the answer I got was none of the above, but was, in fact, love.“My mother encouraged me to beat on pots, drum on the table, stomp around the house,” recalls Timbaland in the book’s first chapter.

It’s clear at this point that Timbaland, aka Timothy “Tim” Mosley, has a grasp of not simply , but raw wavelengths and peaks and trebles, that most non-canine listeners do not possess.

Over the years his many unconventional choices in samples — birds chirping, babies cooing, and beatboxed imitations of turntable scratches, all chopped and looped so as to punctuate the rhythm — made his beats at once era-defining and ahead-of-their-time.

Here’s a throwback for your listening pleasure, with text-based guest verses from the big man all of Tim’s honorifics, being a personal pick of President Obama’s is up there.

Whereas gulag cats like Vladimir Putin use mob slang to get their points across, Obama turned to hip-hop culture, biting Jay Z’s dance move by brushing the dirt off his shoulder on national TV.“When reporters asked his aides if Obama was specifically referencing our song,” Tim notes on page 161, “the campaign replied and said, ‘Well, he does have some Jay Z on his i Pod.’ Epic moment! Especially considering “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” was Tim’s sole contribution to Tim’s marching band period, corresponding to late 2002 and most of 2003, produced some real bops for the listening public.

Compare the percussion on “Dirt,” for example, to the bucket-banging on “Cop That Shit” (later duplicated by colleague Justin Timberlake on Beyoncé’s “Yoncé/Partition”); the cheerleader whistle samples and hand-claps on Missy Elliott’s “Pass That Dutch”; and the iconic pep rally horns on Lil’ Kim’s “The Jump Off”.

At the time, Tim was his own personal step team in the studioproducer and dancer and hype man in one singular chubby body.

Lately, though, Tim’s been quiet, shying away from the media and — God forbid — Twitter.

From the moment Tim cracked open the crystal case of that belly-dancing compact disc, these samples have been the plaster wall and stud boards upon which Timbaland’s gold records could be hung.

By the time Timbaland was first accused of plagiarism for Nelly Furtado’s “Do It” in 2006, uncredited sampling was already one of his go-to pro tools. Timbaland was first called out digitally for sampling from a remix of Finnish artist Tempest’s composition entitled “Acidjazzed Evening,” and the case was later brought to court by copyright holder Kernel Records of Finland.

A time not too long ago at that, a legacy which dogged the producer for more than a decade until his most recent court engagement was dismissed last year on a technicality.

The decadence of this emperor, strangely enough, was neither vice nor vodka nor voluptuous women, but a crime of much higher stakes: uncredited sampling.

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I couldn’t find the right flow to match what was going on in the song.

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