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Wily of the Classic series, OVER-1, created jointly by Dr. Cossack, a Reploid with an adolescent personality named Axl who has the ability to shape-shift into other Reploids.

The series revolved around Zero battling a powerful force as he protects the oppressed remaining reploids.

It is also different from other titles in the Battle Network universe in that its game play reminds strongly of the Classic series.

was, with its sixth title, the second series in the franchise to reach a definitive conclusion, although the storyline continues in the distant future with .

The classic series is considered to be the origin of the story, with Mega Man being the first installment, and continuing with ten direct sequels.

Chronologically after Mega Man 8 comes Mega Man & Bass, followed by Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.

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An series, , was also produced, ending with 209 episodes and a 50-minute film adaptation.

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