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Where the rest of the cast members have successfully shed their association with the show, whether through high-profile marriages (Katie Holmes), cult sci-fi dramas (Joshua Jackson), and a string of Oscar-nominated performances (Michelle Williams), Van Der Beek has carried with him the ghost of Dawson Leery for close to two decades now.

Which is why he wants to help guys break free of that standard, offering himself for hire to show their significant others that Dawson has gone full douchebag, making the guys look good by comparison.

Which is precisely what matters in his newest role, as a fictionalized douche-bro-ey version of Diplo, in Viceland’s What Would Diplo Do?

Following the teary Dawson’s Creek finale, Van Der Beek spent the early 2000s guesting in shows both good (Robot Chicken, Ugly Betty) and, let’s say, less good (Criminal Minds).

The rest of the season may require a Viceland subscription.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the name James Van Der Beek was synonymous with the well-meaning, all-too-earnest and perhaps a tad insufferable young cinephile at the heart of the WB’s teen drama, Dawson’s Creek. For better or for worse, Van Der Beek will always be Dawson to many of us.

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I’d live frugally and manage your money so you get more instead of less, and sign any pre-nuptual you want. That said, it appears that he doesn´t bat lefty, and my people aren´t afforded too much legal status for bringing along wives, so it seems that he and I won´t be meeting. I thought the ad was hilarious, Kerpleckistan and all.

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