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The art style is truly worthy of a movie about a painter, and the innovative story is one to treasure for generations.Available on: The Painting Amazon Instant Video, Netflix If you like this one, Michel Ocelot’s 2000 film has a similar animation style.Here are some kid-friendly French movies that are great for parents, too! (source: mediasports) The Belleville Sisters, an elderly jazz act from the Fred Astaire era, join Madame Souza, and her dog Bruno, in their quest to find her missing grandson.Kids who like sports will be delighted with the inclusion of the Tour de France, which is where Madame Souza’s cyclist grandson Champion goes missing– or is kidnapped.Available on: Amazon Instant Video (source: challenge.fr) The sequel to My Father’s Glory is equally enchanting, but it features an epilogue that might get to you, so be forewarned.Fortunately, unlike most movie pairs, these two were filmed together and with the same actors, creating a seamless cinematic experience.Our hero Lebrac develops feelings for Violette, who is Jewish and therefore in danger from the German forces, and he is forced to confront the horrific events unfolding around him.

Julien is a model student at his Catholic boarding school, but has a tense relationship with new boy Jean, until he learns that he’s a Jewish boy being hidden from the Nazis by the priests.

Despite being obviously rooted in allegory, doesn’t feel heavy-handed or overly intellectual, making it a great choice for those who aren’t thrilled by animation.

Available on: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix (source: unifrance ) This movie is interesting from the first frame.

An intelligent balloon follows a young boy, and together they try to escape other boys who want to pop the balloon.

Available on: Amazon Instant Video (source: Royan Actu) Nicolas leads an idyllic life in the suburbs, being cared for by his parents and having fun with his friends.

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