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I tried to figure out what I was going to do.’He sits for a moment in front of an array of screens showing emails, X-rays, treatment plans. ‘It’s usually a simple fracture or a hip replacement, but occasionally you’ll do something new and the press latch on to that.Saying a procedure is pioneering is an ego indulgence; if a dog is going to die either it’s morally right to let it slip off this earth with dignity, or it’s morally right to try developing new drugs, new implants and techniques.’On the TV, we see a lot of triumphant stories, such as Tiger the cat who came back to life after his heart stopped, but Noel must see a lot of death. We had done our best for the animals but these people want to take legal action.Fitzpatrick Referrals Soft Tissue Service accepts referrals for the simplest to the most demanding and complex cases.Advanced imaging, cutting-edge treatment, innovative therapies, and novel techniques are offered to further the art and science of soft tissue surgery for the benefit of our patients and their families.

I’ve no chance.’There is indeed an unmade bed, a flat-screen TV on the wall, dry-cleaning still in its wrapper, Pellegrino bottles on the floor, and not a window in sight. ‘I didn’t take one for 14 years, then I took a couple of weeks off at Christmas because everything in my private life was f***ed.At Fitzpatrick Referrals the majority of our patients require diagnostic imaging procedures.This can vary from standard radiography to advanced diagnostic imaging e.g. Advanced imaging modalities enable more accurate and timely diagnosis of both routine and potentially life-threatening conditions.Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology Service focuses on offering advice, options and therapy to families who want to know what exists in modern cancer care for their pet.This is a centre where the vision of improving the quality of animals’ lives and ending cancer in pets drives all we do.

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Orthopaedic surgeons at Fitzpatrick Referrals are part of an integrated, multidisciplinary team of veterinary specialists, care professionals who all provide individual and dedicated round the clock care for our patients.

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