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Jerry Evans E: List of Stationary Engines with Neville Botha - The Bentall Maize Mill, Model 557. - BMA Oats Roller Mill with electric motor (colour green). Hi Andy The engine certainly looks like a Uniporn, what with the London in the casting etc.- Blue Bentall (Oats Roller) , Model XRSE (SE for Sandstone Estates). I will have a look through my file and see if I can find anything more.If anyone is registered with "Pay Pal", it would be preferred that you pay direct to my Pay Pal account. It could be that this engine is a re-badged Uniporn: a similar close-up of such an engine would help to confirm or refute this theory.(Remember, I'm not making a cent on these so do NOT want to be saddled with bank charges). Investigation into Daimler Industrial Diesel's agents, Liddle, Ingram & Fullards Ltd would be interesting.

Offered in five sizes from 2 to 9 bhp, these engines were equipped with electric ignition in the form of a low-tension magneto and igniter.By 1905 a range of heavy-duty engines were being produced in single and twin cylinder forms.The twin-cylinder models, built up to 250bhp, were designed with a side-by-side layout, whereby should one of the cylinders become inoperative for any reason, the piston and conrod, etc.In late 1912, the company were reported as building 270 engines per month in the 1 to 1, 500bhp power range.Of these smaller models had overhung cylinders, while the larger models employed a girder-bed with cylinder support.

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Thos early engines were well received, to the extent that within a short period engines were being produced in a wide range of sizes from 2hp to 160hp.

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