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I picked it up, plugged it into the charger and took a peek to see what’s happening on Facebook.

The next day, I ran into him at a club meeting, and he asked me to go get coffee. We are open with each other about any problems that arise and understand that both of us have been in a couple serious, long-term relationships in the past, which we can easily talk about.

I said no, but then he asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. However, a few months ago I glimpsed a text thread on his phone with his ex-girlfriend from high school, and, upon further investigation, realized that they’ve spoken every few days for what seems to be months.

Additionally, my boyfriend had “silenced” the text thread so that it does not appear on his notifications.

It was a one-time indiscretion, after which I agreed to work on our relationship. I don’t see myself getting over this or ever being intimate again.

I don’t know if I’m overreacting here, but I honestly feel broken about this.

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Another option is to send him an email, but I would prefer to speak to him face-to-face, so I can read his facial expressions and not feel like a coward, but there are always patients and staff members around us when I visit him for scheduled appointments.

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