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About four-fifths of the population is Roman Catholic; there are smaller groups of Evangelical Lutherans and other Protestants, as well as people of other faiths.

Elements of the pagan religion have survived in the countryside.

Lithuanian vegetation falls into three separate regions.

The Švenčioniai and the Ašmena highlands—the latter containing Neman River (Nemunas), cutting north and then west through the heart of the country, is the largest.Average annual rainfall usually exceeds 30 inches (about 800 mm), diminishing inland.Rainfall reaches a peak in August, except in the maritime strip, where the maximum is reached two to three months later.Underlying rock structures are of little significance for the contemporary Lithuanian terrain, which basically is a low-lying plain scraped by Ice Age glaciers that left behind thick, ridgelike terminal deposits known as moraines.The Baltic coastal area is fringed by a region characterized by geographers as the maritime depression, which rises gradually eastward.

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