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I mean, isn’t it fun tweaking all the options to see how virtual things connect ?for it is NOT dangerous as twinkling directly with computer hardware parts ..As example if you use Word Press for your blog, install a SEO plug-in like the All in One SEO Pack and use optimized keywords and tags. Thankfully USTREAM provides this for free, and uses Flash to deliver to the desktop and devices with Flash support, and a mobile optimized version to i OS.Conclusion A couple of years ago it was almost an art to stream a live event, but with increasingly better infrastructure and providers like Livestream and USTREAM offering free basic packages, it becomes increasingly easy to broadcast your own content.fine to test-up your connection, but you will eventually need to do more to secure your connection .

*INITIAL SET-UP IS AUTOMATIC ON MOST ROUTERS, SO THIS PAGE IS FOR MANUAL SET UP WITH BASIC SECURITY : first of all, Korean and Chinese OEM routers including wireless and ip Time brand, work out-of-the-box (earlier American and Japanese models – though ever superior in technology, power AND out-ward stylish design, have ceased to be used widely in South Korea with the influx of local ip Time say, since 2009) – which are set in automatic mode – with default network set up by your i SP (internet service provider) such as SK Broad Band .

The last challenge is the quality, obviously HD quality would be nice, and is not supposed to be part of the basic package.

USTREAM, maybe unintentionally, allows to modify the encoder profile, upgrade the bitrate to 800kbps, and the screen resolution to 720p.

The Event To generate enough traffic, e.g via a weblog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must.

Google can be very powerful, and every tweak to the search engine metadata matters.

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