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For a lot of people attracted to transsexuals, the most exciting first fantasy is taking her orally while staring up at her breasts & a pretty female face. The only challenge with these sorts of desires & leanings is when you obsess on them.

Makes her feel like “anyone” could be there…she’s just an accoutrement to your fantasy.

Other girls are a bit more open and playful regarding their male appendage. To those men - the imagery of staring up at a lovely female face and large breasts while having her appendage between this lips is overwhelmingly erotic and exciting.

While some transgender women start off very feminine in their appearance from the onset - most don’t.

Our voices are perhaps the most challenging aspect to make into a flawless presentation. That thick and healthy mane is derived from hair extensions.

Lots of men are also drawn to particular physical features as visual stimulants. Considering the fact her only way to consummate sexual intercourse is through anal sex, a larger penis is not really going to make things better.

Other girls are bothered if their own endowment is larger than their sexual partner…it feels weird & some guys can’t stay aroused because they feel intimidated.

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